Saturday, 5 October 2013

Neuro Scouting Motion Graphics

NeuroScouting Animation Sequence from Spov Design + Moving Image on Vimeo.

  Whilst working at Spov, motion design studio i worked alongside designers Yugen Blake, Paul Hunt and animator Rachel Chu to help create this very graphic approach to visualizing how software can be used to analysis brain data in baseball players.
  I was using After effects to rotoscope out the characters + Mocha to track data to the characters positioning, and baseball to add graphics later on. Once again the amazing guys at Zelig sound to do the audio design for this.   

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Tim Exile - Harmuni

 This is another in the Oscilloscope series for the Leisure System Releases, Still being hit badly by the Youtube compression, but its built in point cloud of their LS initals logo into 3d with the artist name and track title displacing out from the LS points. Track is incredible!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Leisure System 19 - 5th Year Anniversary Motion Flyer


     This motion flyer was designed in after effects using shape layers - trim paths and an offset to get the jittery motion. The text was designed in illustrator and then copied and pasted into a shape layer using a very hand script. The colours were referenced from the original flyer here:

Saturday, 27 July 2013



I was recently asked to create a youtube design for the forthcoming releases at Leisure System - The idea was based on an Oscilloscope reacting to the audio for the different tracks whilst also having a colour scheme relating to the EP artwork.

  I've included stills of something i started to look at in c4d using a lazer scanner and started to think about audio and waveforms reacting in the beam, like an oscilloscope - however ended up using something i was playing with in after effects using plugin trapcode form in a sphere reacting to audio.

  It was posted on Fact magazine here:

Monday, 10 June 2013

LUNAR - Collaboration Khairul Ahmed

  I am currently working closely with the amazing designer and personal friend Khairul Ahmed, on this Lunar space based title sequence. It is a mock title sequence that plays tribute to the amazing 'Damon Lindelof', 'Joseph Kosinski' and 'Anthony Scott Burns'. When i first saw these frames I jumped at the chance to animate them! Made mostly in c4d I am currently fleshing out these scenes by Khairul into an animatic. Stay tuned for more!

Moon displacement tests from c4d, normal maps, bump maps, and hi res custom texture map + a displacement map :

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Metaballs (Metabollocks) and DPIT Custom Mesher with TP

  This is another RnD using Thinking Particles in c4d using the Particle Geometry to emit Spheres from a texture (WAY OUT), and then finally meshed using Metaballs (Metabollocks) and to compare, the DPIT Custom Mesher, a plugin for c4d.
  There is a great tutorial on Thinking Particles here: by Adam Swaab which explains the PMatterWave node in Xpresso.
  The shader is a sub surface scattering texture called "Ice" which can be found in the content browser.

This is with using Metaballs:

This is the DPIT Custom mesher:

This is the first attempt in a comped situation:
This is a screenshot - uncomped:

Spline Tracer Random - Fresnel Shader and Vibrate Tag

    This is a quick rnd piece to show a satellite randomly orbit a globe in varying directions, it was made using a sphere aligned on a spline with a vibrate tag with all values on rotation at 540. There was a Mograph Tracer on the Sphere to give the lines and was rendered with a hair texture. The shader on both spheres was a clipped Fresnel to give a nice outline.

Thanks for viewing!